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Committed to the R&D, design, manufacture, installation, and after-sales service of thermal insulation products in various industrial fields.

Zhejiang Chuangxiang Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.
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Our company is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a national high-tech companyled by technology. We specializes in special-shaped removable insulation products and providing customers with one-stop energy-saving comprehensive solutions, Products and services are videly used in high-temperature parts such as steam turbines, gas turbines,vessels, pipolinc,valves, etc. in nuclear pouer plants and thermal power plants. We have provided products and services for nuelear power units such as HPR1000, CAP1400. M310.YVER,EPR, and AP1000, as well as gas turbine units such as 2000E,4000F, 8000H, 9H.01,AB94.3A,and AE64.3A.
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The main fields include:Nuclear power plant.Thermal power plant.Steam turbine and gas turbine.Petrochemical.Shipbuilding.

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We provide customers with a series of services: design services, technical services, training services, and technical guidance.


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